Legacy of Magrathar

A Rabenstrange happened on the way to work

the crew has freed the ghost of the Scion of Hallow. His spirit is now free to right the world of its sins. Whether it wants to or not.

They have encountered several interesting characters along the way, namely the tinker Carter Windblown and the fortune teller Zeva Deepsight.

Clarion has received a strange warning “Beware the Clockwork Man”.
Fury has also received a foreboding message “Fire does not always destroy, it also forges”

Secrets revealed by the players:
Fury killed her father
Clarion is afraid her parents did something incredibly bad
Dox is fearing puppets and construct
Neerota is afraid of not being able to overcome a challenge

The crew also found a ornate short sword with mystic runes pointing them in a given direction to the treasure of the Hallows. The sword is in fact a divining rod of sorts that will lead them to the fabled treasure, the Key of Fortune.

Bearer of the Blade, Speak the Truth
Find Fortune or Eternal Youth

Blade will create a slight sensation of warmth pointing the crew in the direction of the treasure.

The Hallow lands are now held by Lord Count Erik Rabenstrange. They have been in his family some 300 years now. His territory is known as the county of Rabenos. It lies further east of where the crew are currently waiting.

Important characters:
Town of Rabenath
Roaming judge Richard Vanderweiss
Count Erik Rabenstrange
Majordomo Miles Varus
Lady Elena Rabenstrange blond, slight of stature.

Town of Oakcask
Archer Ginsley (deceased son)
Becca Ginsley (Mother)
Martin Ginsley (Father)
Ivy Smith (Arch’s gf) blond, slight of stature.

Sgt Varus Sheppard (just returned from active duty)
Maria Sheppard (sister in-law) blond, slight of stature
Dax Sheppard (brother, deceased)

The county is fairly scenic, interestingly there are many covered roads. The older ones are covered in stone with newer ones made of wood. The party will see some of them being converted with men, happily working away.

The crew will head towards the count’s home. They will encounter the Majordomo.

Miles will let them know that the Count is indisposed as he is still recovering from an illness. He will let them know as soon as he is feeling better. While Miles is speaking with them, a guard walks in and gives him a terse message. Miles is upset and asks them for assistance.

There is something or someone killing young men in the surrounding region. They are killed in a similar fashion with their arm torn off. A new body has just been found. Dax Sheppard is the dead man. He was most definitely sleeping with his sister in-law, Maria.

There are reports of a number of ghouls in the area, perhaps they are responsible? In this case, there are ghouls (5 minions, 2 soldiers, 1 elite).

The judge will ultimately be the culprit as he has been roaming and whenever he sees a woman similar to Elena, he sees red and kills. The judge will reveal that Rabenstrange is a vampire and his daughter is captive.

The crew will then have to decide whether the idyllic town is worth destroying to remove the Vampire count.

The treasure will be a box with a key in the lock. The box itself is worthless (though pretty). the true treasure is the key. This is the Key of Fortune.



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